Important blood values CYP

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Please check with local hospital laboratory as ranges can vary between age groups (RCPCH, 2016):

Biochemistry (Record results on fluid balance)

Urea (0.8-6.5 mmol/l)

Sodium (133-146 mmol/l)

Potassium (3.5-5.5 mmol/l)

Chloride (95-106 mmol/l)

Bicarbonate (19-28 mmol/l)

Glucose (2.5-6.0 mmol/l)


Hb 10.4-12.2 (g/l) WCC 5.0-12.0 x 109 /l Platelets 150-450 x 109 /l

Paediatric emergency information

Weight= (Age +4) x2

Energy = 4 joules per kg

Tube Diameter = (Age/4)+4

Fluids= 10-20ml/kg of NaCl 0.9%

Adrenaline = 0.1ml/kg of 1:10,000

Glucose= 2ml/kg of 10% Dextrose

ABCDE systematic approach recommended (ALSG, 2016) when assessing, monitoring and treating CYP.

NICE (2015) Intravenous fluid therapy in children and young people in hospital at

Remember SBAR communication tool (RCPCH, 2016)