Preceptorship is defined by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) as a structured start for newly registered professionals. Here at the RCN, we consider a period of preceptorship essential for all newly registered professionals.

A model of transition

The Process of Transition highlights the highs and lows of transitional change. It shows the ‘normal’ personal experience of going through any significant transition. It is complex, and there is no definitive time scale, but expect the first 6 months to a year to be the most demanding.




Looking at the first three elements on the left of the Fisher's Personal Transition Curve:

• What are you feeling?

• What has or will help you to successfully navigate this period?

• Who will help, support and guide you through this period?

• How can you ensure that you have the help and guidance needed?

Write an action plan for your first month of preceptorship.