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As you develop into your first role as a registered nurse, continue to note and plan your professional development. Review your preceptorship plan and make sure you are on target. Continue to discuss your professional development needs. Keep a portfolio to record development and prepare for revalidation.


 3 weeks
  • Preceptorship plan agreed and monthly updates and achievement of tasks.
  • Discuss your personal development needs.
  • Identify competencies/areas of development specific to the post/ service/area of practice.
  • Create/maintain an e-portfolio that collates and records learning and development through preceptorship.
  • Meet team members.
  • Have a buddy and agreed arrangements with them.
End of first complete month
  • Check your payslip.
  • Are all your details correct?
  • Has your personal tax code been applied?
  • Does this reflect your new allowance?
  • Have you paid into a pension? 
  • Have you received your shift allowance? (This may not be paid until your second month.)
 2-3 months
  • Preceptorship plans being achieved.
  • Recorded progress on competencies.
  • Planned and booked some annual leave as per your employers guidelines and allowances.
  • Reviewed RCN forums – identify those that are of relevance to you.
  • Make contact with local RCN activists, such as reps and your local branch. 
  • Review your role as a practice supervisor for students.
 6-12 months
  • Preceptorship plans being achieved.
  • Recorded progress on competencies.
  • Engaged with networks and forums of choice and considered how these inform and support your current role and ongoing professional development.
  • Consider more engagement with RCN activities and branch.
  • Understand role of practice supervisor and discussed with preceptor about development of skills and understanding of the role.
  • Plan opportunities to develop practice supervisor skills.
  • Prepare for first appraisal - preview preceptorship plan, e-portfolio and
    achievements. Identify goals for the next year of your practice.
  • Complete your first reflection on practice for your NMC revalidation.