Forums are groups of RCN members who work or have an interest in a particular area of professional nursing practice. There are over 30 forums covering a wide range of areas. 

As a forum member, you are part of a community that:

• shares ideas and best practice

• works to enhance knowledge in a particular specialty

• shapes nursing practice

• helps to identify, promote and develop future nurse leaders.

You can join more than one forum, but have to nominate one as your first choice forum, as this can impact on the power of a forum by influencing its voting rights at RCN Congress.

All forums provide you with the opportunity to keep up-to-date with development in your field, contribute in consultations, network with your peers and explore career development opportunities.

You can join a forum by logging into your MyRCN account or clicking on the forum links below.

Who leads the forums?

Each forum has a steering committee with a minimum of four and maximum of seven members, including a forum chair. The steering committee represents the best interests of the forum as a whole and undertakes work that is relevant to that speciality. This includes, but is not limited to:

• proposing Congress agenda items relevant to the forum and running Congress events

• developing national guidance

• working with the RCN Events team to run conferences/ workshops/roadshows

• attending meetings with relevant stakeholders and ensuring that their voice is heard

• lobbying to influence change that will benefit staff and patients.



There are also a number of networks in which members with similar nursing specialties and interests can come together to share their expertise.

Join a network for support, a network of colleagues facing similar challenges in the workplace can  really help. 

Unlike forums, networks do not have the same level of support provided, the governance structure, or voting rights at RCN Congress. For details of RCN networks you can join, visit:

Newly Registered Nurses Network

This Facebook page was set up to allow you to have professional discussions relevant to your role and to enable you to network with other newly registered nurses:

Visit Facebook

Recommended Forums and Networks

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You can tell us through Starting Out in My RCN.

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