As part of the recruitment process, organisations use assessment centres to evaluate job applicants’ suitability for a post, along with an interview.

Employers will often use this method of selection when they are recruiting from a large pool of applicants, such as newly qualified nurses, or in response to a recruitment campaign. Assessment centres are now being used more frequently for all recruitment.


During the course of your career you may be asked to deliver a presentation as part of a recruitment process. 

Done properly, a presentation is an excellent opportunity for you to show off your skills, knowledge, expertise and personality; outside the usual constraints of an regular interview.

The RCN Careers Service has put together some advice to help you prepare, structure and deliver your presentation.

Interview questions

Although there's no way of knowing which questions you'll be asked on the day, you can prepare by exploring possible interview questions and rehearsing how you would answer them.

This page explores common interview questions and how to answer them, techniques for structuring your answers, and over 80 sample questions to help you practice.


Your CV

We've got advice on writing your first CV, a step by step guide on how to construct a CV, example CVs and CV templates you can use. Members can also have their CV checked by the RCN Careers team.

Start writing your CV now